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Re: New: midish

On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 12:34:29AM +0200, Alexandre Ratchov wrote:
> hello,
> midish is a MIDI sequencer/filter. Implemented as a simple command-line
> interpreter, it's intended to be lightweight, fast and reliable for
> real-time performance. 
> tested on a recent i386 snapshot with a "genuine" umidi(4) keyboard and
> sound module.
> i've added by hand a '@sample' line in pkg/PLIST in order to make
> $PREFIX/share/examples/midish/midishrc go in /etc; is it
> the right way to do it?
> feedback appreciated;
> -- 
> Alexandre

as suggested (thanks to Jacob Meuser) i removed post-install target
and used FAKE_FLAGS instead of patching the program's Makefile

attached new a version of the port


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