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dxpc and other remote X solutions (was Re: Package post-install scripts ?)


On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 10:47:10AM +0200, Marc Espie wrote:

>> We don't all install X on hosts that are simply intended to be servers. 

>> What's more I regularly have to do package installs to remote hosts
>> accessed over a DSL line - and if you've never tried using X under such
>> circumstances then my advice is _don't bother_ -- the performance sucks
>> something rotten.

>Oh, you should try dxpc then. It's *not* rotten. I've used X over a modem
>in the past (yes, the 56K thingy), and it was *usable*.

Interesting. As I'm sometimes using remote X over a slow line, I just
tried dxpc out, too. Used lbxproxy and tightvnc before.

xterm was a breeze, the window was there quite fast - with lbx it took
much time until the window appeared, but afterwards it was usable (but
then, the same was the case for X through ssh with Compression on).
tightvnc is very usable for xterm, too.

gaim crashes with some BadMatch error (works through plain X via ssh,
lbx and tightvnc).

Konqueror works but scrolling can be slow (I guess scrolling would be
faster with tightvnc).

Still an interesting thing.


Kind regards,


PS: Did all via ssh (with compression), of course. dxpc using
-L4000:localhost:4000, lbx using the normal forwarded display to proxy
onto, vncviewer with the -via option. So no loss of security on the
connection with dxpc or tightvnc.