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Re: Package post-install scripts ?

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 13:18:32 +0200, Bernd Ahlers wrote:

> I think Marc is speaking of using the xterm of your workstation and 
> login to your server via ssh. ;)

I think we all understand this.
Believe me or not - I am not speaking for Keith here - the way I work,
there isn't. *Later*, at remote administration, there is. 
At install, there isn't.
Also, my weak eyes relish from not having some xterm but a real console.
I prefer Crtl-Alt-Fn to mouse clicking. Even if some think that I have
an issue here. If there was, it would be mine in any case.
And we don't tell others how to do their jobs, do we ?

Thanks for sticking to the technical and not the ergonomic aspects,