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Re: new gd port (and rrdtool)

hmm, on Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 05:26:45PM +0200, Nikolay Sturm said that
> * frantisek holop [2005-10-25]:
> > how can i make gd work without X?
> > i would like to run rrdtool + symon without X on firewalls.
> It doesn't need X11.
> > can gd 2.x run without X?
> Yes, just install xbase or in a custom environment you already know what
> to do, i.e. install those missing libraries.

call me stupid, but i find these 2 statements countering each other:

"It doesn't need X11." vs "Yes, just install xbase"

if gd can run only with xbase, for me that means gd cannot run w/o X11.

please note that my question was not
"how can i make gd work without _running also_ X?"

i just wanted to clarify this.  thanks for the answer.

i have an exceptionally high q.i.