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Re: PostFix TLS Onlly

On 10/20/05, Jolan Luff <jolan_(_at_)_protection_(_dot_)_cx> wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 11:55:21AM -0400, Roy Morris wrote:
> > I have a requirement to implement TLS, I went
> > and did some research and found that you can
> > add a few flags and cause TLS support to be included
> > in postfix. I see the flavors available on my 3.7 -stable
> > box include sasl but I really only want TLS. Any ideas
> > what the best approach to take is here?
> tls support is there by default...

In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but it was added into stock Postfix
in the latter part of '04.

There are numerous references to it the Postfix/TLS patch in the
postfix.com Changlelog:
 including this:


	Fixes for TLS_README by Victor Duchovni. File:

	NON-PRODUCTION Bugfix: (bug introduced while adopting
	Postfix/TLS patch).  The client code had become too similar
	to the server implementation, and also required a host
	certificate and key. Fix by Victor Duchovni. File:

Without scouring the Postfix archives for an exact date, from this
date it puts the TLS patch being integrated into the main Postfix tree
sometime before Dec 21 '04, right?


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