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Re: pkg_add question

On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 01:48:52AM +0200, frantisek holop wrote:
> which resulted finally in the reason why the update was not
> carrying on:
> Cannot find updates for .libs-libdvdnav-0.1.9 .libs-sdl-1.2.8p0-sun msttcorefonts-1.2 opera-8.50. Proceed? [y/N] y
> i think this might be communicated in some form to the user
> even without -i so he knows why pkg_add stops...

Yes, this should. Consider this a buglet.

> especially when doing a system wide update, there is a great
> chance that pkg_add will stop for some reason, nespa?

> another big confusion of my is, that i don't
> really know the difference between -u and -r.
> now that -u install packages (in my understanding
> "replaces" them, i am a bit confused what is replace
> really for.  what is the real world use of -r?
Atomic operation when you really want to specify what new package
you install.

> i am sorry if these questions are silly or nerving,
> especially for you Marc, after all, you designed
> this system, but i must admit i have problems with
> the pkg_add man page...  could you please add some
> examples at the bottom, especially with some "special"
> cases with the -F keywords (the ones not covered
> in the 3 process -- install, replace, update) are a great
> source of confusion for me....  i am slightly convinced
> that it would cut down the number of questions like this.

This is still work in progress, it will get refined later.

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