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pkg_add -i -u question


only one package remains to be updated on my system. i do a
ammaq> sudo pkg_add -i -u
Candidates for updating xpdf-3.00p5 -> xpdf-3.01
No need to update zip-2.3p0
Cannot find updates for msttcorefonts-1.2 opera-8.50. Proceed? [y/N]

ok, this is basically the same as in my previous mail.
my question is, why is the fact that there are no updates
for these 2 packages a showstopper?

why is it important for updating xpdf that there is no update
for xpdf and opera?  well, in this case we know none of the
packages are in connection with xpdf, why is it stopping
the update?
i'm neither for, nor against apathy.

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