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NEW: sysutils/wmwlmon


As I didn't found a wmdockapp which monitors a wireless network
interface neither in the ports tree nor in the outer world
(except those ones which where based on some linux kernel api's or
which where ugly to port), I wrote a wmdockapp for OpenBSD called

It basicly fetches the informations it needs over ioctl(2) similar to
ifconfig(8).  ath(4) and iwi(4) seems to work nicely.  ural(4), rtw(4),
and wi(4) works, but seems not always returning the informations as
wished.  All other chipsets/drivers needs still to be tested, so I
would be happy if you folks would do that and report me any problems. 

I know the program is in a basic beginning state, but maybe we can work
it out to get it run right on possibly a lot of chipsets.

Attached the port.  I tested it on i386-current.


Marcus Glocker, marcus_(_at_)_nazgul_(_dot_)_ch, http://www.nazgul.ch -----------------

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