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Re: [UPDATE] emulators/zsnes

Aleksander Piotrowski <aleksander_(_dot_)_piotrowski_(_at_)_nic_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_pl> wrote:

> PKGNAME with p0 is not needed as you have changed version, right?

I just kept the p0 from the old port, changed.

> If automake is needed to build this port then try to use following:

automake isn't needed (no Makefile.am), but aclocal which is part of
automake. aclocal needs to be executed before autoconf because ZSNES
depends on SDL, otherwise the SDL macros would be undefined. Therefore
your suggestion wouldn't work.

Since I guess ZSNES isn't the only port that needs aclocal before
autoconf (but no automake), I suggest adding something like the
following to the ports system:

CONFIGURE_STYLE=	aclocal autoconf

> Why not ${INSTALL_PROGRAM} ${WRKBUILD}/zsnes ${PREFIX}/bin?

It's from the old port, I just changed the tabs. Yeah, sure, that
should be changed. Seems like I overlooked it when I edited it. Same
thing for the man page.

Updated patch attached.


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