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Re: VLC - Coredump and/or Seg-Faults on AMD64

hmm, on Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 02:16:43AM +0200, sebastian_(_dot_)_rother_(_at_)_jpberlin_(_dot_)_de said that
> I've just an 8MB VideoChip (ATI XL) so it realy sucks to view Videos with
> mplayer because it hangs (even Windows plays them fluidly).
> So I tried to use VCL to see if it performs better.
> If I wanna start vcl (it compiles frine from the ports) it coredumps
> (tested with KDE3) or produces a segfaults (on FVWM from oBSD).
> Details: OS OpenBSD 3.8 build from CVS (-rOPENBSD_3_8)
> Arch: AMD64 (Dual Opteron)

well, it's my first time with vlc, mplayer suited me fine
until i found some ogm files it couldn't play the audio of,
so maybe i am doing something wrong, but on i386 basically
nothing works from the ui and core dumps galore...
i was surprised it wasn't marked BROKEN or something.
anybody tried to open the playlist?  or open files thru the open dialog?

hm hm.

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