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Re: UPDATE: polipo-0.9.9

Jon Trembley [Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 05:28:23PM -0500] wrote:
>Here is a patch to bring the polipo port up to the latest release.
>23 September 2005: Polipo 0.9.9:
>        Fixed a bug that could cause objects to be incorrectly
>        determined to be dynamic (thanks to Joachim B. Haga).
>        Fixed a bug that could cause the local web server to expose
>        files that are not under the local root (thanks to Wessel
>        Dankers).
>        Fixed an off-by-one bug when parsing NL-terminated headers.
>        Made Polipo forget about failures when finishing on the client
>        side.
>        Polipo now sends Host headers even when speaking to an upstream
>        proxy.  Some proxies take RFC 2616 literally, and require that
>        (thanks to Zoltan Ivanfi).
>        Fixed some bugs in staleness computation, and implemented
>        server-side max-age directives (oops!) (thanks to Charley Chu).
I'll look into that.


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