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Re: building jdk 1.5 ports on openbsd 3.7

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 10:05:58AM -0400, Allan P. Magmanlac wrote:
> Oops, just to clarify. I did not install 1.5 because this is not 
> available in the patch branch . I installed 1.4.
> Is there an easy way the to install  1.5 ports, where can I get this?.

>From the OpenBSD FAQ Chapter 5.1 (Flavors), in the section labelled
"Keeping Things in Sync":

It is important to understand that OpenBSD is an Operating System, intended 
to be taken as a whole, not a kernel with a bunch of utilities stuck on. You 
must make sure your kernel, "userland" (the supporting utilities and files) 
and ports tree are all in sync, or unpleasant things will happen. Said another 
way (because people just keep making the error), you can not run brand new 
ports on a month old system, or rebuild a kernel from -current source and 
expect it to work with a -release userland. Yes, this does mean you need to 
update your system if you want to run a new program which was added to the 
ports tree today. Sorry, but again, OpenBSD has limited resources available.

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