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playing with pkg_add -u

next chapter:

i ran the command pkg_add -u suggested:

kripel> sudo pkg_add -r gettext-0.10.40p3 recode-3.6p2 libiconv-1.9.2p1 php4-c>
gettext-0.10.40p3 (extracting): complete
gettext-0.10.40p3 (deleting): complete
gettext-0.10.40p3 (installing): complete
recode-3.6p2 (extracting): complete
recode-3.6p2 (deleting): complete
recode-3.6p2 (installing): complete
Old package php4-core-4.3.11 contains potentially unsafe operations
        @unexec rm -f /usr/lib/apache/modules/libphp4.so
Can't update forward dependency of php4-mysql-4.3.11 on php4-core-4.3.11: php4-core-4.4.0 doesn't match
Can't update php4-core-4.3.11 into php4-core-4.4.0
Clean shared items: complete
/usr/sbin/pkg_add: php4-core-4.4.0:Fatal error

so what should i do now?
the problem was, that there was a php extension (mysql) installed also.
but for some reason pkg_add -u's suggested command did not contain
this module.  was it supposed to?

my problem is, that if upgrading manually, i have no problems.
but the new tools make me confused in regards as what to do next.
the output tells me basically nothing.  should i first remove php-mysql?
should i include it on the pkg_add -r line?  what should i do?

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