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Re: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

Marc Espie <espie_(_at_)_nerim_(_dot_)_net> writes:
> Note that this ought to work in about six months time.
> UTF8 support won't make OpenBSD 3.8, but I hope to commit it a little
> bit after that.


Now that I sat back and thought about it a bit longer, it probably
doesn't even matter to me that most of the aspects of UTF-8 processing
work completely.  Both xterm and emacs already work well enough for my
purposes.  All I needed to do is read gcc error strings produced by
fedora FC4.  For some silly reason that gcc used some high-page
unicode forward-tick and back-tick for quoting things in error/warning

Getting perl to shut up about the LANG variable was probably all I
really needed from perl.  (And that was a simple "export