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Re: mediabox first BETA release - help wanted

On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 10:56:52PM +0200, umaxx wrote:
> hi!
> i've created a port for the first BETA release of my application called 
> mediabox - as requested by todd@ after some talk in #openbsd
> explanation:
> mediabox is my try to create a replacement for freevo and mythtv which 
> works on openbsd.
> mythtv is using v4l (afaik - no chance on openbsd) and freevo is a big 
> fat thing with a lot of big dependencies (e.g. twisted),
> i gave up on get it working on openbsd and decided to write my own 
> lightweight mediabox, with less dependencies
> mediabox is a free (BSD-license), easy to use frontend for multimedia files
> mediabox is a so called: home theatre pc platform (htpc)
> it has been developed for openbsd, but should work on other systems too
> it's written in python with the help of pygame
> it's not really finished yet - it misses a lot of features, and iss of 
> course buggy
> if somebody likes to code some python and wants to help me - contact 
> me/send diffs
> status (what iss implemented):
> my mediabox is connected via tv-out (sis63xx) to my tv - so i can:
> - listen to music: playlists, cd playing
> - play movies and dvd: covers and descriptions via imdp-py
> - look at images: slideshows/zooming
> - do configuration: complete configuration via menu
> todo:
> add feature: rip dvd
> add feature: rip audio-cd
> maybe add joystick support and support for games
> add feature: news-reader
> and of course one main thing: view and record tv needs to be implemented
> my plan is to add tv capturing via bsdav-toolkit from jakemsr@
> so again: i could need some help, if somebody is interested in helping 
> me, contact me.
> port is attached and downloadable here:
> http://umaxx.um.funpic.de/mediabox/sources/mediabox-0.1-openbsdport.tar.gz
> greets
> umaxx

sehr kool :)