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Action Required -- Credit/Debit Card Expiration Reminder

Hello eBay user,

This is a courtesy reminder that the following credit/debit card on
file for your eBay account will soon expire:

EBay Account ID: E000125151608-702
Expiration Date: 05/2005
Date Reminder Issued: 19-05-2005

In order to receive uninterrupted service, please update this
information by follow the link below:


To update your credit/debit card information:
- Go to the eBay Home page
- Select My eBay and logon with your eBay User ID and Password
- Select the Accounts Tab
- Select Use a credit card for automatic payments (you will need
to logon again)
- Update your credit card information following instructions on
the next page

Thank you for using eBay.

eBay International AG