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Re: Mathomatic Version 12.3

Marc Espie <espie_(_at_)_nerim_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

> Of course they are. What would be the point otherwise ?

I just wanted to be sure and I didn't know if they use stuff that only
OpenBSD has or not.

Henning Brauer <lists-openbsdports_(_at_)_bsws_(_dot_)_de> wrote:

> why don't you actually spend the 2 minutes to LOOK at them...

Ok, sorry. Next time I'll simply look into the source instead of asking
stupid questions.

Miod Vallat <miod_(_at_)_online_(_dot_)_fr> wrote:

> They are portable to any system which provides the size_t type (and
> understands the ``const'' keyword, which rules a few old compilers
> out).

I don't think that anyone is still using such an old compiler :). So it
should be ok for everyone.

Thanks for your replies and sorry for my stupid question ;)