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Re: NEW: s9y

Rik Burt wrote,

> Waldemar Brodkorb wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >attached is a port for serendipity 0.8, a great weblog
> >software. You can see it in action on my site.
> >
> >Two issues so far:
> >- plugin manager/tracebacks did not work in apache chroot
> >- you need php5 with mbstring enabled, if you like to use utf8
> >
> >Feel free to test and comment.
> >
> >bye
> >   Waldemar
> >
> Question:
> Does it have to be dependent on mysql?  Could it use postgres?

You are right. It may use postgresql or sqlite, but I only used it
with mysql. Flavors would be the best for this?


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