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Are You In The Right Job?


Discover where your true interests lie to turn your career around
- start enjoying what you're doing
- getting paid for it 
- building a successful career

Whether you?re in your job or looking for a job, this book is for you...


"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
- Anonymous 


Have you always wanted to GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE of the
corporate world and do something that you like? 
Do you aspire TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS, but have doubts about
whether you will thrive on your own, without the security of a
large company?

Have you wondered why some people seem to LEARN FASTER,
ACHIEVE MUCH MORE in a shorter period of time than others
and do you aspire to be like them?

Have you ever thought that you could move higher up in your career
if you knew the SECRET TO BECOMING SUCCESSFUL in your

How do you go about finding a job in which you will find FULFILLMENT,
whether you?re a first timer or someone who has settled into a job?


The first ?guarantee? is to find out where your interest lies, say psychologists
and education and guidance counselors.

Take a test in Chapter 2 of the book and you'll know Where Your True
Interest Lie.


ARE YOU an outdoor person with an interest in outdoor activities? 
Or are you a mechanic that enjoys repairing bicycles, fans and irons?

HAVE YOU an interest working with with figures?  Or have you an
interest in analytical, investigatory and experimental activities?

DO YOU like involving in persuasion, discussion, debate, or simply
mixing with others?  Do you have a passion for colour, design and beauty
with a desire to create things with these qualities?

ARE YOU a bookworm that likes to read and write and enjoy crossword
puzzles, peotry, stories, and plays?  Or, are you a musician that enjoys
playing musical instruments or hearing others play?

DO YOU live more by the heart, with a desire to help and guide people 
with their problems and worries?  Or, are you a workaholic that enjoys
routine office work?

ARE YOU one that prefers to work with hand?  Are you one that has 
an interest in curing people, relieving the effects of disease, or illness,
in healing and in medical and biological matters generally?

Will This Test Help Me To Answer The Above Questions? 

Do It Now to recover your course and direction, and gear yourself towards
your passion, your heart's desire and your goal. 

?A successful career requires falling in love many times with your work.?
- Frank Watson

Discoveer For Yourself Many Tips From The 16 Chapters About How
You Can Build A Career Of Your Heart's Desire.

Chapter 1 - The Challenge Of Change

Chapter 2 - Take A Simple Test To Find Out Where Your Interests Lie

Chapter 3 - 8 Questions To Ask Yourself Whether To Leave Or To Stay

Chapter 4 - 9 Strategies To Recover Your Postion In The Office

Chapter 5 - 8 Keys To Remain Employable

Chapter 6 - 8 Ways To Rethink Your Workstyle

Chapter 7 - 4 Ways To Plan To Succeed In Your Career

Chapter 8 - 12 Keys To Landing Yourself To A Job

Chapter 9 - 10 Ways To Customise Your Resume

Chapter 10 - 11 Questions That May Crop Up In An Interview

Chapter 11 - 22 Ways To Look Your Best

Chapter 12 - 15 Ways To Make Your Mark In The Office

Chapter 13 - 6 Tips To Getting A Coach

Chapter 14 - 3 Steps To Getting A Mentor

Chapter 15 - 5 Guides To Asking For A Raise

Chapter 16 - 8 Tips To Finding A Job Overseas


Imagine getting paid for work you really enjoy doing day after day, year after
year and deriving great satisfaction out of it.  This significantly reduces your
work related stress and will in turn lead to an improved relationship with your
loved ones and you'll also see the accompanying effects on your health too!
Discover, learn and use the suggestion and tips covered in this book.
Decide now to have a better lifestyle!

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P.S. Wouldn't you love to arm yourself with more knowledge in succeeding
in a career whatever position you're in now,whether you're staying on your
current job or contemplating a switch or just in case there's a change that
may affect you?

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