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Re: Samba 3.0.13 port

is the ports system supposed to get stable at some point?
I know that there is propably some ongoing fixes/enhancements, but still


Ian McWilliam wrote:

Isak Lyberth wrote:

I just ran this on 3.6 and it compiled through with only some warnings

Don't do this. It may compile but not pkg* very well. Yes it works for 3.7 and current. It is NOT indented for anything less. The Ports infrastructure changes from release to release. There is likely lots of stuff in pkg/PLIST and friends that will not work on 3.6.

Ian McWilliam

Regards Isak

Isak Lyberth wrote:

is this port for 3.6 or 3.7, is there a way that i can check for this my self, so i don't have to ask such stupid questions in the future?

Isak Lyberth

Attached is a port for samba 3.0.13. Made from everybody's input to date and updated.

Maybe one day this will find it's way in tree, but for those samba 3 users, test away.

Ian McWilliam


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