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Re: Inter-library dependencies

On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 09:35:32PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

> >How do you distinguish. Well, just ask the question: can this list of
> >dependencies change ? or is it more or less obvious and hardcoded ?
> Pretty much any update can break stuff.
> Why should "bar" bother to change its Makefiles when "libfoo", which
> it links in, changes?

that's why configure sets stuff like $LIBFOO_LIBS.

> libfool _ought_ to be able to handle stuff like that. I've dug into
> it again this weekend and am understanding more and more of it. It's
> ugly, but it's a central point to fix things. Fix them once and they
> "just work".
> Some rot13'd part here because I don't want to "advertise" again:
> ZveCbegf hfrf "ZveYvogbby", n fcrpvnyyl unpxrq-hc yvogbby 1.5.12 (ng
> gur gvzr bs guvf jevgvat) juvpu jbexf jvgu obgu Nhgbpbas 2.13 naq 2.59,

except -pthread handling is busted in that release.

> naq rira vs bayl n P pbzcvyre (ab P++ be Sbegena 77) vf vafgnyyrq.

> Vs fgngvp nepurf arrq gb or svkrq, bar jbhyq bayl arrq gb svk vg bapr
> naq, nhgbzntvpnyyl, nyy nhgbpbas/yvogbby'q cbegf jbhyq or svkrq (gb
> gur nzbhag gung lbh jvfu gurer jrer _zber_ cbegf hfvat yvogbby).
> >As far as static arches go, I think they lose for all the highly dynamic
> >cases we stated.
> If these dependencies were put into libfoo.la files, we'd stop to lose.
> V qba'g unir fgngvp nepurf gb gnxr pner bs NGZ gubhtu, ohg pbhyq grfg.

how does that help at configure time?

please list projects that use libtool for link checking at configure

now if configure knows what libs it needs, why does it need the .la
files at all?