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Clamav-0.81 port

I notice the clamav-0.81 package dated, interestingly, 1/29/2004, seems to enforce a requirement that the .cf file used for sendmail be named sendmail.cf.

When the sendmail.cf file does not contain reference to the clamav-milter I get the error:

clamav-milter: socket-addr (local:/var/clamav/clamav-milter.sock) doesn't agree with sendmail.cf

and clamav-milter fails to load.

I don't typically use sendmail.cf as my sendmail config filename and that's how I discovered this issue.  In my case, I had sendmail.cf sitting around in /etc/mail, but it's entirely unused.  Just there in case I want to go back to the "out-of-the-box" sendmail config.

I don't see any reason to enforce this restriction and the clamav-0.80 package didn't enforce the same restriction.


Rodney Hopkins

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