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NEW: net/ices2 (ices-2.0.1)


this is my final version of the recently released ices-2.0.1, which contains some bugfixes over the aged version 2.0.0 that I have been waiting for.

"Ices2 is a source client for streaming Ogg Vorbis audio to an Icecast v2 server. It supports streaming of .ogg files in playlist mode as well as encoding and streaming live input."

This port neither replaces not conflicts with net/ices, which is for streaming MP3. This is done by appending the number 2 on the binary and any directories in share/examples and share/doc it creates - this is also the reason why the resulting package is called ices2-0.1.tgz instead of ices-2.0.1.tgz ... I like that better, and it happens to fit into the naming scheme of ices0 (net/ices, currently at ices-0.3.)

The port automagically creates a sample configuration file ices-sun.xml, which is streaming live input from line-in on OpenBSD nicely. The sample configuration ices-playlist.xml is installed as a @sample in /etc/ices2.xml.

Tested on i386. Please test on other archs and comment. (I suspect it may not work well on slow architectures, the hardware needs to be capable of encoding Ogg Vorbis faster-than-realtime to produce a reliable stream.)



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