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enlightenment port update (was: Re: RFC on the enlightenment port)

//Depends very much on practical details, such as the size of the generated
//Think user:
//- does it make sense to have docs in a separate package ? is it convenient ?
//- does it make sense to have one package for each theme ? is it convenient ?
//If we're talking smallish stuff, heck, OpenBSD is not debian, we're not
//going for the smallest sized packages. If each component is huge (usually
//several megabytes), then it makes sense to split...

well, i started out making separate packages.  e itself was 1.7MB and comes
with a light-weight theme, the docs ~2MB, and the extra themes came out to
~8MB.   so what i did was combined enlightenment and the docs into one 
package and put the extra themes in another.  

attached is the new port.  i cannot test this on anything other than i386,
so testing on other arches would be appreciated.

if it all looks good, please commit.  otherwise, let me know what i messed
up.  thanks much.

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