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UPDATE: gimp-2.2.2

Here is another update to GIMP version 2.2.2 (it is basically brads 
port with some tweaks). This time it is not a diff against the in 
tree gimp but if you extract this you will end up with a gimp directory 
which contains a snapshot directory where the port resides in. I tested 
this with -current as of today:

url: <http://www.bytelabs.org/gimp.tgz>

Stuff which still needs to be done:
 * Update graphics/libwmf to >= 0.2.8 in order to make a plugin work. 
 * Teach that stupid configure script to use|find -lcms stuff.
 * The configure script also fuzzes about libmng - make it use that one

I have done some basic testing but more feedback would be nice. If gimp
should crash try to add the following to CONFIGURE_ARGS in the Makefile:
 * CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --enable-debug
Hopefully we can find some errors that way and make this piece of
software more usable for OpenBSD. 

Please test this port and provide seom feedback. Thanks.

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