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Re: [marcm@lectroid.net: Gimp 2.0.6]

hmm, on Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 10:03:33PM +0100, Igor Boehm said that
> Well, here is an updated diff against OpenBSD -current which also 
> includes the p5-XML-parser dependency and SIZE in the distinfo file 
> (since that has been added recently).
> url: <http://www.bytelabs.org/gimp.diff.gz>
> Maybe more people could test this and make improvements or just verify that 
> everything works as expected since gimp2 has lots of improvements 
> compared to the in tree gimp version and it would really be nice to have it 
> in the upcoming release.  

builds ok for sure but after just 10 minutes of playing with it came the
first dump core....  a long way i think while it will be as stable as
1.2.* (which was not that much either...)

but could go in the tree under a test branch or something, more people
could test it.

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