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Port creation

I'm working on a port for Courier-MTA, and I've got a couple of relatively generic porting questions.

Courier requires a spool/state directory. The current Courier-IMAP port places it in /var/run/courier-imap, but the Postfix port puts it in /var/spool/postfix. Should an MTA spool directory go under /var/run or /var/spool?

Courier includes a tool to update configuration existing configuration files to add any applicable new default entries. This is non-destructive, in that Courier will ignore any options it doesn't understand, should the end-user wish to downgrade. Courier's "port builder's instructions" suggest running the tool at the end of the installation. If the config files don't exist, it generates them. The advantage to this is that an installation/upgrade is completely automatic (i.e. the user doesn't have to merge config files), the disadvantage is this breaks @sample and an uninstall won't automatically remove config files that haven't been modified. (On the other hand, since the tool creates the default config files, there aren't any default files to install via @sample at install-time.)

Should I run the tool at install time, or just tell the user to run it?

Is creating /etc/mailer.conf.xxx (as Postfix does) the preferred/correct way to allow the user to replace Sendmail?


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