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Re: UPDATE: Kismet

Some ugly OpenBSD specific code needs fixing.
The code needs an audit.

My port was done years ago to gain familiarity with the process. I 
suggest you start over with a clean sheet.
There is no dependency on bsd-airtools.
A port of gpsd would be a useful precursor, then all dependencies are 
satisfied (in 3.6) for gpsmap.

I only know of 3 other people who have used Kismet on OpenBSD so it has 
not progressed beyond the "works for me" stage. I have uncommitted 
diffs against -devel, but I don't have much time and cleaning up the 
OpenBSD support is a low priority, mainly due to lack of demand.

It would be nice to see it get enough attention that it could be 
considered for inclusion in 3.7 ports. But at the very least you should 
start with -devel and look at all the #ifdef SYS_OPENBSD stuff and 
submit patches back to Mike, the Kismet lists or me.

An independent pair of eyes examining the code would be welcome. Diffs 
even more so.

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