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newbie port/pkg question

hello all-

coming from using freebsd, I have been used to building my ports. I have just installed OpenBSD 3.5 on my Ultra2 which is very slow at compiling, so I am trying to investigate the install of packages. I have downloaded the ports tree onto my box and i notice that there is a ./pkg directory inside of the port in question. How do I use this? or better yet, what is the best way in which I can install the latest package without having to know its explicit name/version, eg. bash-2.05b.tgz. Say, i want to install bash....is there a way to install it with out having to go through a list of packages to have to find the name/version to only have to add it to pkg_add. Is there a way to do this or somthing similar or am I asking for too much. ?


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