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smartmontools Port assemblage questions....

To all and sundry,

I'm trying to build a port for smartmontools (see
http://smartmontools.sf.net) and have some success.  However, I've had
to apply some fairly extreme patching in order to get the port to
install in the 'correct' (according to the checklist.html page)
directories for the smartmontools examples.  According to the checklist,
examples should be installed to the '/usr/local/shares/examples/<name>'
file location.  The smartmontools builds and places examples in
'/usr/local/shares/doc/smartmontools/examplescripts'.  Do I _really_
have to butcher the configure and Makefiles in order to place these
files in the specified location?  In other words, how 'strict' are you
all for things to be placed according to the locations specified in the
checklist?  Thanks.


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