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amd64 MIME::Lite snapshot package problem

This package actually breaks apropos:

  # apropos puffy
  apropos: /usr/local/man/whatis.db: line too long
  puffy: nothing appropriate

The offending line is:

    15  Complex (3o) - Complex numbers.
    16  Composite (3) - The Composite widget class
    17  Constraint (3) - The Constraint widget class
    18  Core (3) - The Core widget class
    19  Digest (3o) - MD5 message digest.
    20  Eryq has reappeared long enough to graciously hand over the maintaince of the module to me. Thanks. Eryq has disappea...................(on and on and on)
    21  Filename (3o) - Operations on file names.
    22  Format (3o) - Pretty printing.
    23  GDBM (3) - The GNU database manager. Includes dbm and ndbm compatability. (Version 1.8.3.)

caused by man3p/MIME::changes.3p.  This could make parsing in
makewhatis a candidate for patching, but it is 2AM and I have work
tomorrow, so I'll look again later.