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sparc64 breakage


Does you sparc64 feel bored? Use it to fix one of the following issues.
Those marked with XXX is mainly fixed, concentrate on the others.

built	ftp
2553	2433

Port			Reason
STk			broken asm(?)
abiword			64bit problems
clo++			broken c++
eog			missing dependency: p5-XML-Parser XXX
festical,ogi		broken on gcc3 -> fixed in -current? XXX
gkrellm,wireless	missing dep XXX
graphviz		needs autoconf >= 2.50, broken with libtool update
gtksourceview	wrong dependencies, missing -lXau -> fixed in -current XXX
guavac			syntax error
idoc			dep: nhc98
ion			broken c++?
kde-i18n,some		missing distfiles
koffice-i18n,some	dito 
libbt			redefinition of free()... XXX
maxima			dep: clisp
mico			broken c++
octave			cast specifies signature type (?)
oproute			broken c++
py-pyscopg		needs postgresql-server XXX
quirc			broken tk dep XXX
roxirc			what changed in the distfile?
scsh			byte order?
symon			includes old netiso stuff, which was removed
ttygrin			broken c++
unicon			signal 10(?)
xxdiff			syntax error ???

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