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postgresql update for postfix port

I'm having trouble with the grey-listing used by the mail server for Peter (for postgresql) and Jakob (for postfix) so I'm reposting here:

Here's a patch to update the postfix port for the new postgresql port:

Index: Makefile.inc
RCS file: /cvs/ports/mail/postfix/Makefile.inc,v
retrieving revision 1.39
diff -u -r1.39 Makefile.inc
--- Makefile.inc        22 Jun 2004 05:20:12 -0000      1.39
+++ Makefile.inc        26 Jul 2004 13:33:26 -0000
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@

 .if ${FLAVOR:L:Mpgsql}
-LIB_DEPENDS+=  pq.3:postgresql-clients-7.*:databases/postgresql
+LIB_DEPENDS+=  pq.3:postgresql-client-*:databases/postgresql
 MAKE_CCARGS+=  -I${LOCALBASE}/include/postgresql -DHAS_PGSQL

-- Alistair Kerr