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Re: broken alpha packages

oops, i mailed the powerpc one by mistake :-)

9libs-1.0p1.log		completely busted with respect to varargs. good luck
R-1.9.0.log		R/library/base/CONTENTS: No such file or dire ctory
aspell-en-0.51-1.log	word-list-compress crashes
cdrchive-1.0.1.log	gcc ICE
chipmunk-1.57.log	gcc ICE
htmldoc-1.8.23.log	sig11 of htmldoc binary
ickle-0.3.2.log		libicq2000 detection fails
konqueror-20030705.log	gcc ICE
libgcrypt-1.2.0.log	undefined reference to `__udiv_qrnnd'
libmpeg2-0.4.0b.log	idct_alpha.c:65: syntax error before `d0'
mico-2.3.6.log		c++ exceptions
mldonkey-2.5.21.log	?
mysqlgui-1.7.5.lo-e26.log	undefined reference to `ether_aton(char *)'
pchar-1.4p1.log		?
pine-4.60.log		vmem exhausted (with high limits)
postfix-2.1.1p1-ldap.log	verify.c:150: incompatible type for argument 4 of `verify_clnt_vupdate'
postfix-2.1.1p1.log	-=-
qhacc-0.6.1a.log	gcc ICE
qlwm-1.7.log		gcc ICE
qt-designer-2.3.2p0.log	uic crash
qt3-2.3.log		make: no target to make
qt3-mt-2.3.log		-=-
rrdtool-1.0.48-tcl.log	cc: tclrrd.o: No such file or directory
scsh-0.6.2.log		schvm crash
source-highlight-1.8.log	source-highlight crash
unicon-10.0beta.log	./unicon sign10
xmame+xmess-0.56.2-x11.log	vmem exhausted
xview-lib-3.2.1.log	xv.c:227: cannot convert to a pointer type
zoom-1.0.1.log		vmem exhausted

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