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Re: help with tcpshow

Never mind, I found a src patch that was submitted about 3 months ago by Chris K.

I always hate when I read the archives and there is no answer at the end of a thread so...

In case anyone is interested in how I did it, you type 'make' to get the source files, then edit the distfile 'tcpshow.1' and replace all instances of minDecode with minHdrDecode. Then you can type make IGNOREFILES=tcpshow.1 in order to skip the checksum verification on that file. Then a regular make install && make clean worked fine.


----Original Message Follows----
From: "Matt Van Mater" <nutter__(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com>
To: ports_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org
Subject: help with tcpshow
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:30:18 -0400

I'm running tcpshow from ports on a 3.4-stable box, I can't get the tool to dump the data only using the -minDecode option. I try running the command exactly as it's shown in the man page, but I get errors complaining about unknown cli flag. Any ideas on how to fix this?

(I chose to display one packet only so you could see the command complete.)

root_(_at_)_daemon ~>tcpdump -c 1 -s 1518 -lenx | tcpshow -cooked -minDecode
***Error: Unknown command line flag
tcpdump: listening on xl0

root_(_at_)_daemon ~>tcpdump -c 1 -s 1518 -lenx | tcpshow -cooked
tcpdump: listening on xl0
Packet 1
TIME:   14:12:24.601377
LINK:   00:B0:D0:92:43:7C -> 00:08:74:11:D9:C7 type=IP
 IP:   daemon -> x.x.x.x hlen=20 TOS=10 dgramlen=108 id=A449
       MF/DF=0/1 frag=0 TTL=64 proto=TCP cksum=0014
TCP:   port ssh -> 10915 seq=3633844054 ack=4280701507
       hlen=20 (data=68) UAPRSF=011000 wnd=17520 cksum=9E72 urg=0
DATA:   è{.Ã/..¬£¨EÙ.àfJ.E.~h...Ëä²<v.ç.p.QJû~...÷MË2!
root_(_at_)_daemon ~>

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