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Re: NEW: sixxs-heartbeat

Hoi Waldemar (et al),

| the sixxs-heartbeat client works fine for me on alpha/i386 
| since some month. It is used for IPv6 connectivity with 
| the tunnelprovider SixXS for machines with a dynamic ipv4 address.
This thread found it to my mailbox thanks to an observant SixXS and
OpenBSD user. Please do procede with committing the port. There's no
open issue for BSD across any platform. To my knowledge, we are not
going to change anything in the heartbeat protocol, so an update of
the port will be non-intrusive for the installed userbase.

If you like, we can maintain the port also; that is, we can fix it
up with new versions and let you guys know of planned changes. 
Let me know if there's anything I can do to keep the port uptodate.

Pim (at sixxs.net)
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