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Ghostscript with stp driver


Does anyone have a port of Ghostscript that will compile on 3.4 with the stp 
driver enabled?  Ive tried using jakemsr's port of the gimp print libs and 
modifying the makefile on ghostscript-7.05p1 to get the stp driver to use 
with the apsfilter package with no success.  I'm a BSD newbie, but I have 
compiled software for Linux quite a bit.  Possibly I just don't understand 
everything at this point to get it to work the OpenBSD way.  If there is no 
such a port available, would someone be interested in giving me a hint on 
what to do with the existing port to get the stp driver compiled in?

Vic Davis <victor_(_dot_)_l_(_dot_)_davis_(_at_)_sbcglobal_(_dot_)_net>