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Re: New port: smtp-vilter-1.1.4

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, Marc Balmer wrote:
> smtp-vilter is a sendmail milter to interface sendmail with various 
> content scanning backends like ClamAV or SpamAssassin.
> The software has been around for OpenBSD for quite some time, now here 
> is a proper port.

Hi Marc.

In /usr/ports/local/smtp-vilter/w-smtp-vilter-1.1.4/smtp-vilter-1.1.4/INSTALL
you hide a precious gem:
  4)  Copy the directory etc/smtp-vilter in the source
      distribution and its content to /etc
I think it would be great if you installed those files in
${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/smtp-vilter/ and mentioned them in a 
do_notice()-function in /pkg/INSTALL.

Another question (which might be OT for the ports-list) is why the 
spam- and virus-strategies have a "discard"-option but not a "reject"-
clamav-milter offers discard (SMFIS_DISCARD) as an option, but 
uses reject (SMFIS_DISCARD) as the default. It also calls 
    smfi_setreply(ctx, "550", "5.7.1", "Virus detected by ClamAV - 
to explain the rejection. This provides a direct feedback to the users 
of my mailserver - without any cost for me (ie I do not send any 

Best regards,
  Søren Thing,

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