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Re: current port-tree: net/gaim

On April 1, 2004 01:00 pm, Marcus Glocker wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anybody using net/gaim from the current ports tree with Yahoo protocol ?
> I've tried to use the port, and when I want to login to Yahoo I get "Unable
> to read".
> I've debugged src/protocols/yahoo/yahoo.c, to see which line generates that
> error message. The problem starts on line 1957, where gaim reads from the
> yahoo server, but what it reads is not that what it expects. Instead of
> "HTTP/1.0 302" it receives a large chunk of data ...
> Any ideas if this is a known problem ?
> Regards,
> Marcus
The current release from gaims sourceforge page (.75) doesn't work with Yahoo 
and hasn't since at least the end of January. I've seen on their forums that 
its fixed in CVS but obviously thats not in the ports. So no it shouldn't