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Gnome 2.4.2 on macppc running latest snapshot


I installed the latest snapshot on a 12" G4 PowerBook. I then installed 
gnome-session with all its dependencies from the snapshot packages. That 
went fine until I started X. 

First Nautilus complained that it did not have a viewer to show
/home/nickus and /. After that it refused to start. 

The panels comes up but when I try to run gnome-terminal nothing happens.  
When I run gnome-terminal from an xterm I get the following error message:

** (gnome-terminal:31264): WARNING **: Error setting PTY size: 
Inappropriate ioctl for device.
** (gnome-terminal:31264): WARNING **: Error reading PTY size, using 
defaults: Inapppropriate ioctl for device.

On the positive side mozilla-firefox works just perfectly.