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Re: sparc64 breakage

On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 08:19:40 +0100
Nikolay Sturm <sturm_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org> wrote:

> Please test the packages!

I installed the latest snapshot and several packages from March 13th on
Sun Blade 100 - here is a short list of problems I noticed so far:

1. sylpheed has some problem with caching the data - when browsing
folders on IMAP server, the following message is printed to stderr:

"Sylpheed-WARNING **: Cache data is corrupted"

Nothing gets cached - every time I switch follders, sylpheed
re-downloads the list of messages from the server, which takes forever
in my case (several hundred emails in each folder and slow imap server).
Caching works fine on i386.

2. xscavenger does not work - black window pops up on the screen and
stays there, nothing else happens.

3. icewm dumps core (Bus Error) occasionally, usually on startup - hard
to reproduce, since it does not happen every time. In addition to that,
when I run it under gdb (from ports) and use "run" or "next", it prints
the normal "Program received SIGBUS..." and all is well, but if I step
into the function that causes the problem with "step", gdb hangs as
icewm reaches the area where it fiddles with DISPLAY stuff.

I suspect that xscavenger and icewm problems could be caused by the fact
that I am running unaccelerated X window using the wsfb driver, 8bit
depth (still trying to figure out how to configure the accelerated
driver to work with my non-Sun monitor without getting the infamous
"Out of sync range" message on display).