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Re: native java 1.3 build fails with -current snap from 3/5; hard

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Kurt Miller wrote:

> Hi Diana,
> I think Niklas's suggestion to test the memory is a good one. Also,
> could this be a heat related problem due to the unusually high load?
> -Kurt

There's definitely something flaky with this system as the java package
builds fine when run from a serial console login and not when logged in
via ssh.  I had an offline discussion with tom@ regarding the problem and
he indicated he had problems completing a userland make build on one of
his mini-itx systems until he grounded the motherboard, there is also an
issue with power supply's being underrated.  Because of this I ran in a
separate terminal session "sysctl hw.sensors" in a 3 second loop, after
the system locked up I look at the frozen values and didn't see any low PS

I do have a separate NIC I can try to see if it makes a difference, though
the onboard NIC's are intel fxp.

For more info regarding VIA ps issues/lan issues here's on of many
postings related to the issue.

At this point it appears the problems I'm seeing are related to the system
and not the ports build, so short of resolving this issue myself I'll quit
filling ports@ with my specific system problems.