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ftp> get m4-1.4.tgz "|pkg_add -v -" is broken.

as per the man page for pkg_add(1), "the following works:"

ftp> get m4-1.4.tgz "|pkg_add -v -"

although I get:

ftp> get m4-1.4.tgz "|pkg_add -v -"
local: |pkg_add -v - remote: m4-1.4.tgz
227 Entering Passive Mode (129,128,5,191,171,13)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for m4-1.4.tgz (74055 bytes).
Can't find -
ftp: |pkg_add -v -: short write
426 Network seems to have barfed - Let's all phone our ISP and go postal!
15928 bytes received in 6.10 seconds (2.55 KB/s)

I'm logged in as root and am using ftp.openbsd.org.

(sorry if this gets posted twice, I have a hunch my other email will not make it to the list.)