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Possible problem with MySQL at 3.4 stable branch


I only want to mention, that there is probably a
problem in the MySQL Port. 

I installed a new OpenBSD 3.4, and wanted to install
mysql-4.0.x from source. I compiled it and afterwords 
installed it. All looked fine, but when i run the mysql client
"mysql" i get a Semgentation fault. But this only happens
whe i start the client, and quit him without typing any SQL 
sql> quit

So i removed the 4.0.x version, and installed mysql from 
ports. Version 3.23.57

But the same is happening here.
So i tryed different configure options, and at least 
i found out, it must be the option "--without-readline"

I don't know if it is a big problem, and the Segmentation
fault only occurs, when quiting the client immediatly without
typing in any mysql command, and everything else works fine.

Greetings Egon Fernolend