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bsd.port.mk pkg_create -A -L arguments

I am running OpenBSD 3.4 GENERIC on i386.

I downloaded the ports.tar.gz from snapshots, build time of 03/03/04	04:03:00.

The bsd.port.mk file has arguments -A and -L for pkg_create.

.if ${LOCALBASE} != "/usr/local"
.if !defined(_COMMENT)
ERRORS+="Fatal: Missing comment."

man pkg_create does not list -A or -L.

Am I missing something?

===>  Building package for win32-codecs-0.90p2
pkg_create: unknown option -- A
usage: pkg_create [-Ohv] [-P dpkgs] [-C cpkgs] [-p prefix] [-f contents]
                  [-i iscript] [-k dscript] [-r rscript] [-t template]
                  [-X excludefile] [-D displayfile] [-m mtreefile]
                  -c comment -d description -f packlist -S basedir pkg-name
===>  Cleaning for win32-codecs-0.90p2
rm -f /usr/ports/packages/i386/all/win32-codecs-0.90p2.tgz
*** Error code 1

Many thanks