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Loading fails, Athlon64 trying 3.4

Well, I've tried downloading your 3.4 port and booting of both floppy and Cd, but either way it fails. A friend, Chad Musson, recommends OpenBSD as the best solution so I'd like to try it. I'm building a website that should compete with ebay quite nicely. I've built a beautiful business plan. If I could only get the server working.
Here's my hardware...
Athlon64, 512 Meg DDR, 128 Meg ATI 9200SE AGP 8x, Adaptec 29160 SCSI, built in RAID IDE and RAID SATA, though I'm not using the RAID features.
I'm taking a C++ BSD Unix programming course & thought this would be a good way to work on homework from home as well as make a great server for my site.
Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Joseph Alan Poirier, Software Developer

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