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amd64 ports failures

this is from halfway into a build.
most of the C++ errors are not amd64-specific.
fortran is broken on all gcc3 architectures due to missing libraries.
(if you upgraded you did not remove the old ones and are using them)

Port			Reason
abiword-2.0.2		c++; reinterpret_cast from `const void*' to 'UT_uint32' loses precision
autoconf-2.54		checksum error (i know it's fixed now)
cdparanoia-3.a9.8	config.status: error: cannot find input file: config.h.in
clisp-2.32		per-arch configs missing
coq-7.3.1p0		out of memory (forgot to raise limits)
erlang-47.4.0		amd64 config missing
ffcall-1.8		avcall amd64-specific files missing
fftw-2.1.3		fortran is busted on gcc3. and nobody reinstalled to notice!
gphoto-0.4.3		directory.c:209:1: missing terminating " character
graphviz-1.7.6		rm: /usr/obj/ports/graphviz-1.7.6/bin/automake: No such file or directory (during configure)
guavac-1.2		c++; unicode_string.h:31: error: `string_char_traits' was not declared in this scope
kakasi-2.3.1		SEGFAULT
kdelibs-3.2.0		kdelibs-apidocs not created !?
kobodeluxe-0.4pre8-harder	va_copy
kobodeluxe-0.4pre8	va_copy
libfmt-2.0		va_copy
librep-0.16.2		creates x86_64, looks for amd64
mico-2.3.6		c++; except.cc:119: error: syntax error before `;' token
migrationtools-45	checksum
mysqlgui-1.7.5		about.cc:14: error: syntax error before `,' token
netcdf-3.5.0		fortran
nvi-m17n-1.79.19991117	checksum
octave-2.0.16		fortran
php4-pear-4.3.4		??
python-2.3.3		dl.so not created
qt-1.45p0		/usr/obj/ports/qt-1.45p0/qt-1.45/include/qregion.h:73:182: operator "defined" requires an identifier
ruby-1.8.1		x86_64 dir created, looks for amd64
s10sh-0.2.0		needs amd64 config
scm-5d3-no_x11		needs amd64 config
scm-5d3			needs amd64 config
soundtracker-0.6.6	very weird chown failure
spim-6.5		cksum
squeak-3.0		10,000,000 64-bit warnings and an error somewhere
tmake-1.10		cksum
ttygrin-0.4.8		grin/addressbook.h:29: error: friend declaration requires class-key, i.e. 
unicon-10.0beta		Run-time error 117 in startup code
wbd-1.0ucl4		cksum
xemacs-21.4.12		??
xinvaders-2.0		vaders.h:230:8: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive
xview-lib-3.2.1		va_copy
zh-libtabe-0.2.5	stupid libtool

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