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Re: syweb installation problem

A little more information on the below issue that remains unresolved. 
When I click on the image that does not display I see the following:

The image
? cannot
be displayed, because it contains errors.

I'm not sure what may be configured incorrectly.


> I don't want to update to the -current release and ports as this is a test
> for a production level machine.  That being said your suggestion did get
> it closer to working.  Now when I load the page it flashes a set of small
> icons as though the graphs are going to appear but then they never
> actually load and disappear.  I don't see any errors in my apache logs,
> nor do I see any errors in my system logs.  I'm not sure where to look to
> find out what's going on.  Any ideas?  Could it be a permissions or
> rrdtool problem?
> -sam
> =============================================
> First, this thread belongs to ports.
> Second, you might want to use the new port (symon v.2.63) which was
> published today in ports. It has been improved in several important
> places.
>> [error] PHP Warning: dir(/var/www/symon/rrds): failed to open dir: No
> such file or directory in /htdocs/symon/index.php on line 171
>> [error] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
> /htdocs/symon/index.php on line 172
> [snip]
>> I configured my rrd directory as:
>> /var/www/symon/rrds/localhost -->ls
>> cpu0.rrd if_lo0.rrd if_sl0.rrd if_xl0.rrd
>> io_wd0.rrd mem.rrd
>> if_gre0.rrd if_lo1.rrd if_sl1.rrd if_xl1.rrd mbuf.rrd
>> pf.rrd
>> I altered /var/www/htdocs/symon/datasources.inc to:
>> $symon2web["tree"]='/var/www/symon/rrds';
>> I set the /etc/symux.conf location of rrds to:
>> datadir "/var/www/symon/rrds/localhost"
> Apache is running chrooted in /var/www, therefore all paths must refer to
> it as the root dir. Modify /var/www/htdocs/symon/datasources.inc to
> $symon2web["tree"]='/symon/rrds';
> and leave symux.conf the way it is.
> Regards, Mitja

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