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Re: NEW: auctex

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 06:09:23PM +0100, Nikolay Sturm wrote:
> I prefer removing the xemacs flavor, removing the xemacs-sumo port if
> noone steps up and keeps it up2date and updating xemacs to install the
> necessary base packages (efs, base, devel AFAIR). Then users could
> install further xemacs packages easily from inside xemacs. 

After trying to play with sumo, I agree with you. 

I removed the xemacs flavor for auctex (and for mailcrypt since it's
in sumo too). Over the next week, I will try to update xemacs.
Hopefully, I'll get xemacs to load the minimal packages so users can
install packages via Tools->Packages->List and Install. 

Jean-Yves: please email me if you'd like to assist or do it yourself.

Attached is a my auctex port without the xemacs flavour, and the
mailcrypt diff. 

--- mailcrypt/Makefile.orig	Wed Feb  4 10:24:17 2004
+++ mailcrypt/Makefile	Wed Feb  4 10:25:05 2004
@@ -16,16 +16,10 @@
-FLAVORS=	emacs21 gnupg pgp pgp5 xemacs
-FLAVOR?=	emacs21 gnupg
+FLAVORS=	gnupg pgp pgp5 
+FLAVOR?=	gnupg
-.if ${FLAVOR:L:Memacs21}
 BUILD_DEPENDS=	:emacs-21.*:editors/emacs21
-.if ${FLAVOR:L:Mxemacs}
-BUILD_DEPENDS=	:xemacs-21.*:editors/xemacs21
 .if ${FLAVOR:L:Mgnupg}
 RUN_DEPENDS=	:gnupg-*:security/gnupg

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