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Re: OpenBSD ports maintainership

You missed the funny part: his cvs still contains what we asked to be
removed. He mixed in a confuse manner his "own" ports with ours using
a branch called "openbsd" and says that it's "basically a mirror of
openbsd ports tree".
Result: our names and email adresses are still present in his cvs
ports tree.

Congratulations. You have just discovered a CVS feature called "vendor branch". Read all about it at http://www.cvshome.org/docs/manual/cvs-1.11.10/cvs_13.html#SEC104 .

The OpenBSD ports tree is imported verbatim as the "openbsd" vendor branch. Then, during the resulting merge, OpenBSD maintainer names are removed and conflicts are resolved. Okay, we forgot to do this during the last few imports. So I apologize for that. Could we please stop the flamewars now and return to a normal discussion? I am on this list to help with ports, not to flame.


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